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Online Texas Hold’em Discipline

Just how good do you have to be to make money from Online Texas Holdem be it no-limit or limit play? Well I for one do not think that you need to be that good. At a level like $25 no-limit hold’em then you are not going to be playing top players. There will be many novices at those levels and also recreational players who are merely out to have some fun. This is especially the case in full-ring games where with nine and ten players then you can nearly always find some value from somewhere.

Most players do not play poker at those levels with long term discipline and so keeping discipline at all times can be perhaps your biggest weapon in Texas Hold’em poker. If you are playing $25 games then it is certainly possible to make as much as $2.50/hour per table. So if you played say eight tables of full-ring then making $20/hour is certainly feasible. Working 40 hours a week would make you $800/week and while this isn’t huge money, it is a good level of income for many people.

When I first started to play Texas Hold’em then I would always try and make it my goal to play disciplined poker. You cannot always achieve this goal but if you can then you will be taking a giant step that puts you in front of most of the low-stakes poker players who play the games at minor levels. Many of the players at these limits look like decent poker players most of the time.

The reason behind this is that you tend to be correct to fold an awful lot of hands in Texas Hold’em and folding makes it pretty hard to figure out if a player is weak or not in a short space of time. So when you sit down in a poker game and you see an awful lot of tight play then this is a long way short of being indicative of good play. Usually players at these levels make the same type of mistakes. But one of the biggest mistakes is that they overplay second best hands.

Knowing what is a likely second best hand is one of the biggest skills in no-limit Texas Hold’em. But if you simply stay with players then sooner or later they will reveal their weaknesses and it may take several hundred hands of playing with them to find that out. This is where your earn rate comes from in no-limit hold’em. There are long periods where nothing happens and it appears as though there is no value in the game. This is where discipline is essential and you need to keep your head in the game.

Discipline is something that may not come natural to an awful lot of players and this is perhaps the toughest part of Texas Hold’em poker be it no-limit or limit. It is also your biggest weapon in low-stakes poker games and you don’t need to be an expert to be disciplined.

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